The Orchard Talent Group's Sector Lead Rob Ashton on the need for a new approach to talent within the Aged Care and Disability sectors.

25 July 2018 Alex McDonald

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My first encounter with the Orchard Talent Group was as a client, where my role was managing clinical and leadership recruitment for a large Aged Care service provider. I was faced with the task of sourcing great clinical talent in a regional area which proved challenging and timely.

We had struggled for six months to find a suitable full time Registered Nurse and the impact on our existing staff and care to residents was becoming a concern. Current recruitment agencies and traditional advertising methods were proving to be ineffective.

Shortly after seeking Orchard’s expertise it was evident that their approach strongly contrasted previous experiences with recruitment agencies. Their hands-on, talent focused approach allowed them to provide a short list of distinguished candidates within a three-week time frame.

Orchard’s high service delivery, market insight and sourced feedback from the local candidate market, enabled us to re-position our employer brand. Their additional consultations around role re-design was an incredible value add, enhancing the experience we had with Orchard Talent.

Orchard Talent Group’s point of difference is their ability to identify and attract passive talent. By exploring talent pools within the aged care, disability and supporting sectors, Orchard seek candidates that have diverse skill sets and a unique value add. This enables the client to consider ‘potential’ as well as experience.    

After working on both sides of the desk and now in my role at Orchard, as Aged Care Sector Lead for Victoria, I have realised that a new approach to talent is pivotal to influence and disrupt traditional recruitment practices for hiring within the Aged Care and Disability sectors.