Australia’s aging population and what it means for aged care.

18 October 2018 Alex McDonald

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Through my studies within Medical Sciences and Public Health it has been abundantly clear that the Australian population is an ageing one. Alike to many of the more developed countries, Australia is seeing a rapidly increasing life expectancy, reaching as high as 82.45 in 2015. This expectancy has been on a consistent rise since the 1970s, with drastic increases in health and medical research, government health prioritisation and vast improvements in medical technology, treatment schemes and medication effectiveness in Australia.

On the other end of the spectrum, 2015 also saw the lowest fertility rate in 10 years dropping in one year from 1.88 children per women to 1.8. This has been consistently declining since 2008 and is seen to be due to easily accessible birth control, the economic burden of children in housing and educating costs in developing countries. Furthermore, the increase of higher education, more demanding careers and workplace gender equality means that more women are inclined to have their children later in life.

The combination of a lower mortality rate in the older populations and the decreased fertility rate is in Australia, is leading to a heavier top end in the age population distribution. Compared to the 9% in 1977, the proportion of Australians aged 65 and over has grown to 15% in 2017 and is estimated to reach 25% by 2097 (ABS).

By 2050 Australia expects to have double number of people over 65 and triple the number of 80+ year old. By simple logic, this means we are on track for a number of aged care patients that is greatly disproportionate to the number of nurses and aged care workers. With such strict accreditation standards to be kept, this is an issue of great seriousness and government implemented legislative change needs to made to create and maintain a feasible and high standard aged care system for Australia’s future.

Here at The Orchard Group we understand the overwhelming struggle of many organisations to fill roles within the aged care and disabilities arena. However, we have also managed to find great success at placing the best and most appropriate candidates through our unique process. With the continuing challenge of an aging population and a diminishing pool of aged care workers viable and willing in the sector, The Orchard Talent Group will continue assisting clients solve complex business problems through the appointment of premium talent.