Millennials in the Aged Care Sector.

09 October 2018 Alex McDonald


Culture, Purpose and Impact are the three key elements Millennials are looking for when seeking new employment. Drawn to a workplace culture that is unique and inviting, millennials prioritize employment that offers room for growth, education and development, both personally and professionally. Within this environment, they strive to contribute to something bigger than themselves, determined to make a positive impact on society.


When questioned what ‘The Orchard Talent Group’ does, my natural response aligns similarly to “we are a search firm that specializes in finding talent to fill clinical appointments across the Aged Care, Disability and Public Health sectors.” Often asked how and why I came to work in the Aged Care sector, specifically in recruitment, the points discussed in Amanda Halliday’s article ‘What is search?’ inspire my answer. Amanda draws attention to Orchard’s client focused approach, a key element that distinguishes our search agency from the majority of firms servicing our market. Embracing a consultative approach, Orchard Talent engages with clients to find out what they need to make their business prosper and assists them to find the best talent to do so. It is the high level of human interaction with passive and active candidates that continues to stimulate me and endorse my enjoyment working within a search firm. To compliment my role, I am given the opportunity to improve the lives of the ageing population by reducing the alarming employment churn rate that exists within these sectors.


As a Research Associate, I embrace a multi-faceted role as a researcher, networker, problem solver and interviewer. Working in a people-business industry, I’m constantly speaking with diverse talent with varying years of experience, differing personalities and intriguing employment histories. Drawn to the attractive search process from client engagement through to candidate sourcing, screening and interviews, I assist address the pain points found within the Aged Care and Disability sectors.


My awareness of the issues prevalent in broader society and overall educational development is beyond what I expected when I stepped into my role. I have gained an in-depth understanding of elements within the Aged Care sector including government funding, the accreditation process and careers found in the care industry. I have acquired insightful knowledge about businesses and the growth of organisations, which has enabled me to engage in purposeful conversations both in and outside of the workplace. In addition to educational benefits, I am constantly building on my interpersonal skills and ability to interact with candidates (most of who are older than me) in a confident and professional manner.


The Aged Care and Disability sectors are growing rapidly and there is a high demand for longer lasting talent to fill roles across Australia. To assist clients in the process of filling these roles with suitable candidates is not only a rewarding career path professionally, but each placed candidate is a team achievement. Finally, I thoroughly enjoy the domino impact I can make on the society, changing lives of clients, candidate and residents.  


The Australian Health Service sectors need more millennials!