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The Australian Public Sector is the largest employer in the country with over two million full-time employees across the Local, State and Federal Government sectors. Each level of government plays a critical role in delivering our vital community services.

The day to day lives and experiences of Australians are shaped by the places in which we live, work and play. Local governments are responsible for planning, building and managing many of these places. State governments have major responsibilities across community services, hospitals, emergency services and industrial relations. At a national level, the Federal Government has responsibility for most social services, while also being involved in health and industrial relations. The work of government agencies is often supported in collaboration with both private and for-purpose organisations. 

Across the often-complex web of government providers and agencies, change is constant. How to efficiently meet the increasing demand on services, while ensuring sound financial performance and long-term viability has become a critical challenge to address. The role of emerging technologies and how to better streamline service provisions to build a better Australia are key focuses underpinning success across government agencies.  

At Orchard we partner with organisations to support the attraction, appointment and retention of high-performing leaders who can assist with these challenges. 

Our areas of functional expertise include; Accounting and Finance; Human Resources; IT; Marketing and Sales; Property and Infrastructure; Risk Management and Frontline Services.

Our Services

  • Executive SearchCEO and leadership appointments, including CFO, Head of Operations, Head of Human Resources, Head of IT, Head of Corporate Services and Head of Risk. 
  • Professional Appointments: Clinical, corporate and operational managerial roles.
  • Project PlacementsVolume-based recruitment solutions across one or multiple job families.

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