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In Australia, the largest capital expenditure is within the Health and Human Services sector with over $200 billion invested annually. From a workforce perspective, more than one million Australians are employed in the delivery of health and welfare services. With the inclusion of those employed across broader human services within local, state and federal government, this number increases to over three million people. Our Human Services economy employs above 25% of the working population in Australia – and is growing.

Ensuring the safety, welfare and positive health outcomes of our population underpins the backbone of our economy.

Across Australia, Human Service organisations are managing sustained and abrupt change. The organic growth of our population, the ageing of this population, an increase in lifestyle disease prevalence, privatisation of services and the integration of new technologies – but a few. In order to appropriately accommodate these changes service providers have had to concurrently scale their operational workforce while enhancing workforce capability.   

A robust commercial offering underpinned by a strong shared services function has never been more important to organisations within this sector. Increasing workforce talent and the capability of their operating teams to deliver a contemporary and best-practice approach has been, and will continue to underpin patient, customer and stakeholder success across our nation.

Orchard’s Corporate practice works across each practice within our core offerings – Aged Care; Disability; Mental Health; Government and Public Health & Hospitals. Our offering continues to support our clients address these workforce challenges through the appointment of high-calibre talent. Our understanding of the commercial and broader stakeholder complexity that our sectors face is unmatched, and we love what we do.

Our areas of functional expertise include; Accounting and Finance; Human Resources; IT; Marketing and Sales; Property and Infrastructure; Risk Management.

Our Services

  • Executive Search: CEO and leadership appointments including CFO, Head of Human Resources, Regional General Manager and Portfolio Manager. 
  • Professional Appointments: Clinical, corporate and operational managerial roles including Facility Manager and Care Manager.
  • Project Placements: Volume-based recruitment solutions across on of mulitple job families, including frontline workers. 

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