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Advisory & Solutions

Orchard Talent Group Advisory & Solutions expands our offering to address broader people challenges our clients are facing beyond filling a job. We ensure every client receives best-in-class bespoke solutions to meet and exceed their commercial and human capital objectives.

At Orchard are aware of the critical services our clients deliver to some of our most vulnerable Australians. We understand the need for organisations to have a secure, capable, and at times scalable, workforce to meet the needs of their care recipients.

Working across the Orchard Talent specialist practices, our Advisory Services & Solutions team offer a wealth of experience developing and delivering effective and sustainable bespoke programs of work including;

Recruitment HealthCheck – a deep dive into your workforce process

  • Recruitment trends, spend and processes.
  • Benchmarking recruiting performance and activities with your talent competitors.
  • Providing recommendations on process improvement, technology utilisation, sourcing effectiveness.
  • Employer brand audit to support increased candidate attraction.

Supporting organisational change where

  • Business transformation creates new roles/functions to be recruited.
  • High growth means historical recruiting methods are no longer viable.
  • A new approach to HR/Recruitment (centralisation, decentralisation, specialist recruitment function) is being undertaken.
  • Internal applicants need to be put through a fair and transparent evaluation process.

Process optimisation and technology enablement

  • Functional needs analysis to define the optimal benefit to your recruiting efforts.
  • Product evaluation of recruitment tools and technologies (and running an RFP if required).
  • System configuration project management.
  • Improved screening and selection practices to increase the quality of hire and reduce staff turnover.

Recruitment process outsourcing

  • End to end where we take over the full recruitment cycle independently, or, work alongside your recruitment team
  • Differentiated process where we deliver on a specific part(s) of your process e.g. sourcing and screening or telephone interviewing or interview scheduling etc, allowing your recruiters to refocus their time on high impact activities.
  • Full outsource where Orchard becomes your recruitment function.
  • Longer term engagements (6+ months) that are time and outcome based partnerships.